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. About me .

My name is Jen. I am almost 21 and I'm doing a BA at the University of Sydney, majoring in French and Linguistics. I absolutely adore my family and friends and wouldn't know what to do without them. I also wouldn't know what I'd do without my iPhone, the internet, or my tv shows. I'm also listening to music almost constantly. I love to read when I get the chance and I am possibly the most empathetic person you'll ever meet. I cry very easily when I watch movies or read books that contain some element of pain or grief and I'm not ashamed of it. I love Earl Grey tea, choc chip cookies and most desserts. My favourite colour is blue and I love almost everything French.

. My TV/Ships .

Castle: Castle/Beckett ♥ Scandal: Olivia/Fitz ♥ Grey's Anatomy: Derek/Meredith; Callie/Arizona ♥ Suits: Harvey/Donna ♥ Private Practice: Addison/Pete; Addison/Jake; Charlotte/Cooper ♥ Rizzoli & Isles: Jane/Maura ♥ Modern Family: Phil/Claire; Cam/Mitch ♥ The Good Wife: Alicia/Will ♥ True Blood: Sookie/Bill; Pam/Eric; Jessica/Jason ♥ White Collar: Peter/Elizabeth; Neal/Sarah ♥ Revenge ♥ Once Upon a Time ♥ Game of Thrones ♥ Cougar Town: Jules/Grayson ♥ Lie to Me: Cal/Gillian ♥ Life: Charlie/Dani ♥ Moonlight: Mick/Beth ♥ Charmed: Phoebe/Cole; Piper/Leo ♥ Gilmore Girls: Luke/Lorelai ♥ The L Word: Bette/Tina; Helena/Dylan; Alice/Tasha

. My celebrities .

Actresses: Stana Katic ♥ Kate Beckinsale ♥ Kate Winslet ♥ Emma Watson ♥ Kate Walsh ♥ Jessica Capshaw ♥ Eva Longoria ♥ Lisa Edelstein ♥ Sasha Alexander ♥ Yvonne Strahovski ♥ Angie Harmon ♥ Anna Torv ♥ Emily Blunt ♥ Anne Hathaway ♥ Kerry Washington ♥ Halle Berry ♥ Jennifer Beals ♥ Laurel Holloman ♥ Meryl Streep ♥ Rachel Griffiths ♥ Ellen Pompeo ♥ Kate Hudson ♥ Marion Cotillard ♥ Audrey Tautou ♥ Jennifer Aniston ♥ Jennifer Connelly ♥ Rachel Weisz ♥ Rachel McAdams ♥ Hilary Swank ♥ Reese Witherspoon ♥ Tina Fey ♥ Robin Wright ♥ Diane Lane

Actors: Nathan Fillion ♥ Hugh Jackman ♥ Tony Goldwyn ♥ Clive Owen ♥ Colin Firth ♥ Patrick Dempsey ♥ Justin Chambers ♥ Hugh Laurie ♥ Matt Bomer ♥ Alex O'Loughlin ♥ Gabriel Macht ♥ Jake Gyllenhaal ♥ Ryan Gosling ♥ Gerard Butler ♥ Ewan McGregor ♥ Adrien Grenier ♥ Bradley Cooper ♥ Simon Baker ♥ Josh Duhamel ♥ Sam Worthington ♥ James Marsden ♥ Will Smith ♥ Eric Bana ♥ Dermot Mulroney ♥ James Denton ♥ Stephen Moyer ♥ Alexander Sarsgard ♥ George Clooney ♥ Brad Pitt ♥ Denzel Washington ♥ Antonio Banderas ♥ Richard Gere

Singers/Bands: Kelly Clarkson ♥ Lady Gaga ♥ Ingrid Michaelson ♥ Erin McCarley ♥ Brandi Carlile ♥ Pink ♥ Meiko ♥ Sheryfa Luna ♥ Ivy ♥ Anya Marina ♥ Mariah Carey ♥ Sarah McLachlan ♥ Celine Dion ♥ Sheryl Crow ♥ Alicia Keys ♥ Shania Twain ♥ Aretha Franklin ♥ Michael Buble ♥ Maroon 5 ♥ The Last Goodnight ♥ One Republic ♥ The Fray ♥ Lady Antebellum ♥ George Michael ♥ Gomez ♥ Mat Kearney ♥ Joshua Radin ♥ Daughtry ♥ Lifehouse ♥ Rob Thomas ♥ Abba ♥ The Bird and the Bee ♥ The Bravery

Authors: Nicholas Sparks ♥ Jodi Picoult ♥ James Patterson ♥ John Grisham ♥ James Grippando ♥ Audrey Niffenegger ♥ Nora Roberts ♥ Richard Castle ♥ JK Rowling ♥ Dan Brown

alex o'loughlin, angela/hodgins, audrey tautou, bette/tina, bill/sookie, blair/chuck, blue, bones, booth/brennan, boston legal, brad pitt, brothers & sisters, cal/gillian, californication, calista flockhart, callie/arizona, castle, castle/beckett, charmed, chuck, chuck/blair, chuck/sarah, claudia hiersche, clive owen, colin firth, crews/reese, cricket, damian lewis, dan/serena, david boreanaz, delta goodrem, dermot mulroney, desperate housewives, duplicity, ellen pompeo, emily blunt, emily deschanel, emma watson, eva longoria, ewan mcgregor, famke janssen, fantastic four, felicity huffman, finn/rachel, flora chan, french, friends, gabrielle/carlos, gerard butler, gilmore girls, glee, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, halle berry, hank/karen, harry potter, heroes, holly marie combs, house, house/cuddy, hugh grant, hugh jackman, internet, ioan grufford, ipod, italian, jake gyllenhaal, james denton, jane/maura, jennifer beals, jessica alba, jessica capshaw, john legend, josh duhamel, julia roberts, julian mcmahon, julianne moore, kate beckinsale, kate walsh, kate winslet, kathryn morris, keanu reeves, kelly chen, kelly clarkson, kitty/robert, laurel holloman, lauren graham, lie to me, life, lily/rufus, luke/lorelai, maca/esther, marcia cross, marion cotillard, maroon 5, masterchef, mat kearney, meredith/derek, message in a bottle, metro station, michael buble, mick/beth, modern family, moonlight, moulin rouge, movies, music, natalie portman, nathan fillion, netball, nicholas sparks, nicole kidman, nikita, one republic, patricia vico, patrick dempsey, phil/claire, phoebe/cole, photography, photoshop, piper/leo, pizza, rachel mcadams, reading, rizzoli & isles, romantic comedies, rufus/lily, sandra oh, sashimi, scott patterson, serendipity, sex and the city, shannon noll, stana katic, susan/mike, sydney roosters, sydney swans, teri hatcher, the fray, the l word, the last goodnight, the notebook, the time traveler's wife, the wedding date, tim daly, true blood, tvb series, x-men, yvonne strahovski, zachary levi